Understanding the Dynamics

The energy industry is dynamic, with rapid changes that can have significant implications. In such a fast-paced environment, having immediate access to the most recent and trusted data isn't just beneficial—it's essential for making informed business decisions.

Key figures

For a truly robust analysis, it's not just any data source that will do. You need input that is both accurate and dependable. That's where EnergyPrices steps in. We provide you with clear figures revealing precisely what consumers are paying for electricity and natural gas, spanning from individual households to large industrial plants, across all EU member states and the United Kingdom. For ease of processing, all our price data is presented in euros per kWh, for both eurozone and non-eurozone countries alike.

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The Complete Insight

The latest, complete EnergyPrices data set is 1,344 euro.
When you subscribe to the Complete Insight, you'll receive the updated data set in Excel format monthly in your mailbox. The subscription fee is 4,995 euros per annum.